Jewelry Care

Every Piece Of Jewelry Is Made With The Best Care! To Preserve Your Jewelry, We Suggest Wearing It Often. The Oils In Your Skin Help To Prevent Oxidation. Another Way To Store Your Jewelry Would Be To Place It In An Airtight Box To Keep Oxygen Out. We Do Suggest Removing Your Jewelry Before Swimming And Bathing. We Also Recommend That You Avoid Any Contact With Harsh Chemicals Or Liquids. For Our Beaded Jewelry, We Recommend Not Being Too Rough As Our Beads Are Strong, But It Is Best To Not Be Rough With The Jewelry To Preserve The Life Of Your Beads.

Cleaning Jewelry:

Step 1: Place jewelry in a small bowl of warm water & dawn dish detergent.

Step 2: Let jewelry sit for 5 minutes, longer if it’s very dirty.

Step 3: Remove from the solution & GENTLY scrub with a small light bristled toothbrush.

Step 4: Rinse by placing jewelry in a new bowl of warm water.

Step 5: Pat dry with a paper towel